Top 20 Social Media Tricks to Build Brand Within 30 Days
Build your Brand on Social Media within 30 days in a way that customer falls in love with your brand.
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Is Twitter Marketing Worth it?
In a market where twitter is unpopular in whole continent, should you spend time on Twitter marketing?
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Running out of Social Media Ideas?
With 3 post a day for each channel are you sharing new concepts or selling the old ones with a brush tool?
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Make Group Discussion not just a drinking game in 3 revolutionary idea.
Don't wanna waste ours drinking and talking how thing doesn't work? Then implement these 3 trick to make group discussion productive.
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Digital Marketing


99.22 % People only visit the google's first page search result, then changes search queries and Google takes over 200 factor's in consideration to rank your website. You need to know a lot of small things to have customer on your website.

Social Media

50% of World population on Social media. That's not just an opportunity but also poses threat because they all see the same you. So you need a plan that even if not comply to all, at least is not against any.

APP Marketing

There are over 2.8 million app on playstore, 2.2 million of app store. Out of that huge list only couple gets daily visit. Rest customer even forgets to use after downloading.


92% Marketer using Facebook ads but it's only 9% of digital ads cost. Cost is still low. If you don't pick the fruit now, cost will rise pretty soon.


60% of all online view in the world happening over here in the world's second largest search engine. But there are over 40 thousand hours of video uploading every minute. So how do you get views?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the best tools to get lead and sales. But in this noisy world of spamming mail, how can you avoid sent to spam box right away?

Traditional Marketing

Business Analysis

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