Burger King is changing the logo that it’s been using since 1999. According to Reuters, Fernando Machado, global marketing director  for Restaurant Brands International, owner of Burger King, said that “updating our visual identity would help signal to our consumers that this is a brand that is evolving.” BUT EVOLVING INTO WHAT?

Slower Burger?

Previous Burger King logo had a blue ribbon around it, to make it more look like a bell. This was done to promote faster burger. And the bun in the previous Burger King logo was shinning. It was done To promote the freshness of the burger. 

On the removal of the old logo, Burger King king is removing the blue ribbon because “there’s no blue food”, Global Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado told Insider. “Buns don’t shine”, he said, so that had to go too.

On the new logo, the brand announced this year that its Whopper burgers will no longer have artificial preservatives and colorings and its restaurants will offer healthier options. To reflect that change and to follow the current trend of minimalism Burger king is updating its’ new logo, where the Buns look more realistic and the design is more minimalistic. Burger King does not want themselves to be associated with Faster Burger anymore but rather a healthy food journey.

All Hail the Tech Lord

Burger King told Insider that it made a “huge investment” in its mobile app over the past year. Also Restaurant Brands International, Burger King’s parent company, is installing high-tech drive-thrus at 10,000 Burger King’s and Tim Horton’s, and eventually Popeyes.

As the restaurant will go more tech-savvy its logo will be stretched to a huge billboard and compressed to a small mobile screen. So it needs a logo that doesn’t lose resolution on a big screen and doesn’t look like a yellow dot on a small screen. “The simplicity of the logo—fewer shapes, fewer colors—definitely looks better on the screen if you reduce the size of it,” Raphael Abreu, head of design for Burger King parent Restaurant Brands International, said in an interview.“It definitely reads much better than the previous identity.” That is why the minimalist two buns and a name logo.

Good Old Days

“From ’65 to ’98 we had a strong, iconic identity,” Abreu said. “It was a true classic. We thought back at that time we looked our best. We thought that was the best representation of the brand.” But not all the same. The classic logo had buns that didn’t look realistic, like the current one. And the font is also changed.

Yummy Font

The new font is a key part of the rebrand, according to Fernando Machado, global marketing director for Resutarount Brands Internations, owner of Burger King. He described it as “Yummy” and “Gooey”.



1: Some digital ads already rolling out with new logo and font, billboard, restaurant redesigns, and many will follow the path soon.


2: Newer restaurant won’t have to redesign it right now.


3: Newly designed uniforms including tShirt, several types of jackets are slowly rolling out. So is packaging materials.


2020 Lockdown, Health concern customers, and massive shifts in tech have been questioning the food business for years now. And every type of company is fighting from their end to win this battle. This is just one of many ways restaurants are trying to adapt to this New Culture.

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